We care too.

We pride ourselves on treating your horse with respect and dignity from the minute they come into our care.
We tailor our service to suit any specific wants and needs you may have for your horse.
It is standard procedure, that any horse will be looked after by us on an individual basis and we only ever collect one horse at a time in our bespoke transporter.

Planning Ahead.

Wherever possible we would advise you plan your horses final day in advance. Our kind and experienced staff are happy to chat everything through with you in detail so you are prepared, before you then decide to instruct your vet or ourselves. If you are using your vet, it can be arranged in advance that we attend at the same time as them or just after, whichever you prefer.

We often find by contacting us first it is beneficial, as we can between us discuss all of your wishes, any concerns you may have and the practicalities of our visit, such as access requirements. As horse owners ourselves we know how important it is that everything is right for your much loved friend and for your final goodbye.